Who me?

Hello? You want me for the 2010 Xmas Epic? Awesome.

Stay tuned for weekly EPIC updates.

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12 Responses to Who me?

  1. Canis Lupus says:

    I’m in! Just set the date and route, and the trike will appear like magic. Please, no holding onto to my stable platform as we climb big hills at speeds an ant might beat. Regards Chris Fotis.

    • Mark says:

      Hey Chris,
      Excellent, welcome aboard (I’m having a boating flash-back here…) Plans will solidify towards the warmer end of the year.

  2. James says:

    Mark I didn’t realise we were doing Canberra-Narooma-Canberra … ‘spose I better go pump up the tyres. It will be a good chance to do some route finding for the Epic

    A mate of mine suggests (for the Epic) doing some kind of loop involving the entire Tumut to Tathra length of the Snowy Mountains Highway. This would deliver endless reasons to tell our legs to shut up (ie hills) and would involve mountains, beaches, and possibly dirt roads. Queanbeyan-Tumut-Tathra-Narooma-Batemans Bay-Queanbeyan.

    I’m not saying it would be easy … in fact if anyone makes it off the Kings Highway alive and safely back into the 2620 I think we’d be doing well

    • Mark says:

      Yes, I was going to break it to you when I got down there in a couple of weeks. I was thinking CaptFlat-MajorsCk-Araluan-Marooya-Narooma. My main concern is dirt road descent into Araluan valley & the temperature.
      I received a txt from Scott who said, I kind you not, verbatim: “We should do a loop involving the length of the snowy mountains highway tumut to tathra”.
      So you must be channeling him somehow…

      • James says:

        Well the Snowy Mountains Highway is such a storied bit of bitumen … so you’d want to do its entire length

  3. Scott says:

    We could just loop the Coorong repeatedly (like the end of an infamous record) and marvel at the wallpaper each evening. Any chance of that pretty lady driving the pace car again? I thought the jens factor was a World Cup phenomenon, like the guus factor or the pim factor.

    • Mark says:

      Jens Voigt: Saxobank cyclist with huge cult following. Arguably the toughest of strongmen in the peloton. Always smiling, reputedly only known funny german cyclist. Also one of the oldest, one day older than Lance Armstrong. Coined the phrase: “Shut up legs”, at this years TdU. Have you seen the WWJD (What Would Jens Do?) bumper stickers?

  4. Wendy Riley aka yr mother says:

    Been meaning to ring you about this very interesting news hot off the press from Salt Creek Roadhouse. Today (?) they unveiled a memorial to the founding father of a property nearby. This family has donated a slab of land that now joins up the two sections of the Coorong! Hooray for philanthropy!

    I have ridden my bike to the front gate without mishap! Okay, I have to try harder.

    • Mark says:

      Hooray for the Coorong and the people who dwell there.
      I can imagine the Salt Creek Roadhouse full of dignitaries.

      Good to hear you are testing out the Montana. I note that it has increased our collective jens factor, well done!

  5. Scott says:

    Woohooo, let’s go somewhere it is possible to sleep! Can we do Xmas in July? The pain of rain may be less than the sunburn/heat/nausea/insects/summer crowds … . A thought is that we could just start somewhere and plan each afternoon for the next day, if accom. not scarce. I will check some maps. What are ideas on dates? Fact is I hibernate — literally do nothing — from Christmas to NYD, usually. It’s the only time of year I do this. Somehow that did not eventuate in ’09 …

    • Mark says:

      I always thought “Xmas in July” was a marketing ploy to let us experience pudding. You and anyone else are welcome to join James and I on an Canberra-Narooma-Canberra epic in July. (Just thought of it then, I am yet to actually tell him about it.)
      But really I see the Epic is a metaphor for .. fill in space. Sure we may go somewhere sometime, Leah & I are thinking Jan. I expect lots of ideas coming in and an Epic (or two) may result. Or not. Its the journey not the actual journey, man.
      I applaud your plans for an epic hibernation, but I’m afraid it doesn’t win any jens points until it has taken place!

    • Leah says:

      Just so long as we remember that Mark, Wendy and I will likely be in Tanzania until the second week of January.

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