Poit rides into history

Today “early 50’s” Canberran Pete Heal (aka Poit) beat the record for cycling solo and un-supported around Australia. Totally Epic. He started in Sydney, Sunday 2nd May 2010 (Midnight Sat. 1st), at Observatory Park, Watson Road, Miller’s Point, near the southern end of Sydney Harbour Bridge. He pointed his recumbent north and started the anti-clockwise journey, returning to Sydney last night at 11:37pm; 48 days 23 hours and 37 minutes and 14,913 km later.

As is well known, in the southern hemisphere non-salmoning cycle loops tend to be in an anti-clockwise direction due to Coriolis forces.

In his own words before the ride:

“A Lap of Australia: 15,000kms around Australia in under 50 days!”

“It’s a bold statement. I hope to be able to achieve it soon. I’ve cashed in some public service long service leave and will be having a go at the Solo Unsupported Around Australia cycling record. The route follows sealed roads as close as possible to the perimeter of Australian coastline with some major deviations in the more remote areas where there are only rough dirt roads.
Current record? This stands at 51 days 47m set by Danish rider Erik Straarup in 2008. Erik’s route was 14,611km. I’ll be riding a little further north and am looking at a total distance of 15,000km.
How long? Well, I only have to beat Erik’s record, so let’s say less than 50 days.
What bike? The trusty VK2 Velokraft recumbent has a new tail fairing and some new bits. It will carry all I need, I hope.
What else? A SPOT2 tracker will let followers keep track of me virtually.
Rules? The record rules are pretty simple and just. A few major towns are nominated as controls to ensure the route is followed fully. Pre arranged support in the form of picking up gear at a friends home or shelter is only allowed in four locations. No pre arranged guides or drafting assistance. Other than that I’m on my own. Start is Sunday early o’clock, May 2nd 2010 in Sydney on Australia’s East coast and I will travelling anti-clockwise.
I hope followers enjoy the ride.
Pete “

Yes, we did. It felt good (in a guilty way) to check the satellite position in the morning and learn that you’d already been riding for 5 hours that day. And to follow the some 1000 of comments, weather forcasts and cycle stalking on: (http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/PoitAroundOz/).

Previous Records:

(see Erik Straarup’s site for links and further info)

date rider   time dist(km)
February 1900 RICHARDSON, ARTHUR CHARLES JESTON   243d 18,507
June 1931 ARTHUR WAKELING   ~135d 15,320
January 2003 PERRY STONE Canada 57.4d 14,187
September 2004 EUGEN SCHILTER Australia 55d 17h 8m 14,430
May 2008 ERIK STRAARUP Denmark 51d 47m 14,611
June 2010 PETER HEAL Australia 48d 23h 37m 14,913

The rules are here (pdf).
(Note we actually covered 6 of the 28 way points in the 2009 Epic.)

304 km a day, every day, for seven weeks. Full ride stats here (pdf).
On the Xmas Epic Goldilocks scale of Epic Porridge: this is way too Epic.

The feet-first hardware:

Record confirmation:
From: “erikstraarup”
Date: Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:19 am
Subject: approval of the new record erikstraarup
Hi Peter!
With this I give you (and the world) my approval of your new record of 48 days
23 hours and 37 minutes! That´s 49 hours and 12 minutes faster than me, and on
top of that you did the extra 233 km up north (correct me if I am wrong!)
If we put the 233 km into hours it should be around 18-19 hours. So altogether
you did a about 68 hour better job than me!!
Don’t bother to send me more proof, the spot thing is far enough and have been
very reliable 🙂
Best regards!
Former record holder Erik Straarup

Xmas Epic salutes you. Jens factor: off the scale.

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