brissie to the bay

While probably in the “not epic enough” class on the Goldilocks scale of epic bike rides (unlike the one recently reported by BSNYC), the 50km “Brissie to the Bay” charity ride n’v’rtheless provided a suitable backdrop to test various epic abilities.

I’m thinking mental and equipment epicness in the “waking up” ordeal and, since it’s “a special occasion”, the unadulterated steel of the “Lennie Rogers”.

Firstly the “pre-dawn getting up ability”:

Hmmm, not good. But hey, it’s winter, when pre-dawn is dark.

Here we are at the start at a prearranged meeting with film stars.

The Lennie Rogers is looking good admist the $10,000 competing hardware:

On the way. (Yes, it’s 6am; and yes, you have to come riding with us);

Before we know it, we are on the bay, where the usual scramble over muesli bars and bananas ensues.

But then I notice, the horror, the Lennie Rogers is parked next to a fixie! Not only with fluorescent rims, but cards in the spokes!

Let’s have a closer look at that Lennie:

Note the massive 54 tooth big ring, the chrome forks; a bike so original that the 1960’s rubber is hardened and cracked such that the brakes don’t work and the tyres are dangerous. Ahhh, the ’60s.

Happy now, before the climb back from sea level to Brisbane.

Back in the city:

Apres coffee. Only a few short months ago those calves would be besmeared with chain grease. Now: totally pro.

Our collective jens factor moves up: 0.005

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