With the 2009 XmasEpic making headlines for its sartorial splendour, we’ve had to raise the bar for 2010. With that in mind, we are pleased to announce the arrival of our new accessory collection – everything you need to pimp your ride… and yourself.

The XmasEpic 2010 Collection

Jersey and knicks set

Our designers excel every year but even so, with this year’s collection they have significantly improved on last year’s popular jute macramé bibknicks. This year’s crochet jersey and knicks combo offers a guaranteed 30% less chafing.

Vintage designs and subtle depilatory action

If saddle rash cramped your post-ride horizontal folk-dancing last year, rest assured that this year you’ll be off the bike and bumping uglies without a moment’s delay.

Made from 100% natural polyester fibre, these jersey and knicks sets can be mixed and matched, with nine vintage crochet patterns to choose from.Mix and match The open weave allows for great air cooling and, as you ride, the mildly abrasive movement of the fabric provides a gentle depilatory action that will remove the last remnants of unwanted body hair.

Helmet cover

Be seen. Be safe. Bee friendly.

Bee friendly.Be seen. Be safe.

Computer protector

Computers are easy to lose or damage and expensive to replace. This dual function protector both stops your computer from popping out of its bracket AND keeps it scratch free.

Unprotected computerSafe and sound

Seat cover

The Squidgy Balls Seat Cover™ provides the ultimate in riding comfort. These anatomically inaccurate covers are made to support the rider’s weight while absorbing road shocks, vibrations and sweat. The absence of holes ensures that there will be maximal contact between the saddle and your sensitive bits, providing numbness and itching in just the right amounts! Squidgy Balls come in red, yellow and green, with a premium black and blue set for the truly dedicated rider.

Squishy Balls Seat CoverSeat horizontal

New lines in production

Keep an eye out for our new product lines later this year. Season highlights will include these limited edition items.

•           The ‘Madone’ – faux fur rim trims that attach to your tyres. The perfect combination of style and function. The rough sides provide traction while cornering in wet conditions and the leopard print vinyl middle section is puncture resistant. Weight: 900 grams – and every milligram equates to style.

•           The ‘Lennie’ – an aerodynamically shaped, rust-resistant, hand-tooled, leather mudguard. Its specialised geometry, scuff resistance and durability protect you from splashes while maintaining the guard’s inherent cow-like stiffness. The one-piece design comes with artisan-crafted stainless steel bolts, leather restorer and baby fur-seal skin buffing cloth.

•           The ‘Synapse’ – an emu-feather handlebar boa. Non-slip, shock absorbing, sweat proof and with a natural emollient to soften your skin. High-end exclusive look and feel. Finish tape and emu-claw shaped handlebar plugs included. Available in pink, blue and emu.)

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6 Responses to Accessorising

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  2. Mark says:

    I just realized that in your picture you actually clothed a nude Lance Armstrong in crochet. How on earth did you get him to go the full monty?

    • Leah says:

      Oh, come on! Who wouldn’t leap at the chance of having a bespoke synthetic crochet outfit? And if you had to nude-up to get it, you would do it. Wouldn’t think twice.

  3. James says:

    I had heard of the Coalition of Guerrilla Knitters but didn’t realise they had a splinter group in Australia already.

    The doily helmet cover admittedly looks like something Cate Blanchett would wear, but they certainly remove the need for fluoro jackets.

    So the 100 per cent natural polyester is a “sustainable” raw material.? This may influence the way I vote.

  4. Elaine O'Dea says:

    You are so clever – portraying cycling to be amost a fun thing to allow into your life! Well done – the art of propaganda just reached an all time high 😉

  5. Mark says:

    Nice. There is a whole retro wool cycling garment sub-culture out there. Expect a call from Rapha.

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