C7 Oppy – the test ride

Not satisfied with going to Melburn to ride an A4 Malvern Star Oppy the xmasepic collective Brisbane division arranged to test ride the top of the line Malvern Star C7 Oppy in return for a 50 word review and the chance to be a statistically unlikely winner to take the C7 home.

Where to begin? $5000 worth of iconic Oz legend from the finest carbon weavers of Taiwan.

Leah purveys the WSD offerings of our Graceville Bike Hub hosts….

… while I get fitted., finding out that my legs have been 20 mm too short for the past few years.

And so we commence the trial. Hey Phil, it’s so light I can’t believe its carbon.

Naturally we have chosen a day with gale force winds so that the bike is tossed around like so much flotsam.

Like pollen particles undergoing Brownian motion, the random perambulations of a drunken sailor, we are shunted from one side of the road to the other.

Just how light are these C7s? I go to dip the tyres into a conveniently located lake. Amusingly, the bank collapses allowing the emersion of $5000 worth of componentary.

Unfortunately the moment was not captured on filum, but we can show some of the aftermath:

…demonstrating that, while light, the C7 does not in fact float.

Cutting short the trial, having only cross two …

…of the (now) 6 Bridges of the Brisbane River Ride we scurry home to write the review:

“The C7 dream. Vertically stiff, yet somehow compliant, the frame with the star shines bright. I feel myself sucked into the corners like a sinuous eel drafting Oppermann himself. Allez, Oppy, Allez! It leaps into the gradient, I dance on the pedals. Ultra, traditional, provocative. This is my Oppy.”

My job is done. I can see the C7 will soon be in the stable. Meanwhile there are bigger fish to fry in preparation for the Swiss tour:

Totally Euro.

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5 Responses to C7 Oppy – the test ride

  1. Malcolm says:

    An incremental step from the A4? Or much the same with curved member? They really need to go head to head … in water or out … must say mine is in pristine condition. Still too cold to ride.

    • Mark says:

      Curved member?? Well, I’m pretty confident of winning the competition for the C7, so we could test them together. It IS a big step up from the A4, but whether its a $4000 step up is debatable. You could easily improve the A4 by getting clip-in pedals. The ability to go tippy tap as you walk into the coffee shop is the quickest way to the “totally Euro” look.

  2. Leah says:

    This is the man who was embarrassed to ride with me when I was on a 20 year old hybrid with mudguard, bell and kick stand. (And me with a permanent chain grease stain on my calf.) But now socks and birkenstocks are ok? Oh, please!

  3. Jonathon Riley says:

    Enjoyed your write up but would prefer to see a performance review of the following bikes:

    • Mark says:

      Helloo Jonathon,
      For a nominal fee we will gladly test ride any bike you provide. (A review of bike2 appears here: http://wp.me/pEXl7-ea )
      I understand your desire to get your bike choice right. It is often a more critical decision that first appears, as you are compelled to also collect the associated accessories. You may wake up one day with a compulsion to grow a beard and obtain a helmet mirror. Best work on the lifestyle first and the bike will follow. Some of the bikes you appear interestedin place you off the Bell curve. (For an extra fee we will also test ride your lifestyle.)

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