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First of all… timing; Leah & I will be “out of Africa” on 09/01/11, so we can catch up with the XmasEpic2010 (from the 10th Jan onwards). So wherever everyone decides to go, and if you are still travelling, we will join you then.

Alternatively, if you have already finished XmasEpic2010, we can go on a JanEpic2011 sometime between 10-22th Jan 2011.

I’ve had a (very) few suggestions:
1. Snowy Mountains Hwy (Tumut-Tathra Dist: 319 km, Duration: ~6-8 days(?))
Pros: Epic. Pretty. Can leave from Canberra base.
Cons: Epic. Hills are very big. Campgrounds are widely spaced for the distances we’ll be doing. Hot. March flies. (Note in the elevation profile below, the vertical scale is in kilometers.)

2. Perth-Albany (Dist: 680 km, Duration: ~ 10 days)
Pros: Epic. Pretty. Wildflowers. Could do a bit of the Munda Bindi Trail if we stoop to fat-tyre bikes.
Cons: Logistics. Travel. Cost. Not enough time to do it justice.

2. Alternative: Perth-Albany-Perth (PAP 2010: Dist: 1200 km, Duration<90 hr time limit)
Pros: Very Epic. Run by Audax Australia.
Cons: Starts 5:00am Tues 5th Oct, 2010. (Pity about the early morning start, otherwise I think this would have been the one.)

3. Dar es Salaam-Kilimanjaro (Dist: ~730 km, Duration:~14 days)
Pros: Very Epic.
Cons: Altitude; last hill is a big one. Tsetse flies.

4. Nth Coast NSW (Dist: 400 km, Duration: 7 days)
Pros: Epic. Green. Possible to be on all quiet roads with trains in/out of Brisbane.
Beaches. Trendy coffee shops & retreats for healing and crystals.
Cons: Steamy. Hippies.

Perhaps we could get the ball rolling with people sending in “an expression of interest”; and if possible their times of availability and route preference. I will add them to the table below. I hope I have not given the impression of any bias, alternative routes are encouraged. Of course, all this totally disregards things like what to do with pets/children but we have to start somewhere.

Participant Availability Preference
Canis Lupus whenever where ever
Damian after xmas where ever
James 10-22 Jan 2011 1
Jon whenever 1
Leah 10-22 Jan 2011 4
Mal 10-22 Jan (tent.) 4
Mark 10-22 Jan 2011 4
Miranda 10-22 Jan (?) 4
Scott 10-22 Jan. poss. 1
Wendy 10-22 Jan. poss. 1 (or 2,3,4)
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7 Responses to Itinerary Post

  1. Wendy Riley aka yr mother says:

    Support vehicle likes Route 1. (or 2 or 3 or 4.)

  2. Damo says:


    Just in case any of you want to catch up. We are going to be in Sydney just before Xmas for a week. We’ll be doing touristy things and some canyoning in the Blue Mountains with our friend Paul Hatton who is good at that stuff.

    I’d be interested in a ride after Xmas. Not too fussed about where. 600Km would be my limit over 6-9 days.

    BTW: My sister Kate and brother in law Jim are doing a month long cycle tour in Vietnam in December just to make us all jealous. Kate could not ride a bike until around three years ago. Now they do rides all over the place.

    See ya,


  3. Miranda says:

    …and I say Route 4, it is the only possibility for this poor femme…unless I am to teach drawing at QCA for a summer semester school at the gold coast

  4. Malcolm says:

    well, well, well …

    route 1 looks good, but surely the elevation has been somehow reversed? Tumut isn’t at 2 metres is it? Which means ducatiboy wants a ride down the big hill … curious.

    I like the look of route 4. Does it go past through the Tick gate on the border and travel on the road built by the lions club? Would there be interest in climbing Mt Lindsay on the way, or looking for the wreckage of the Lincoln bomber on Mt Barney?
    I’m starting a new job in December, so I don’t know what dates I could actually wangle, but tentatively 10-22 Jan.

  5. ducatiboy says:

    oh, and leprosy…

  6. ducatiboy says:

    Available anytime, would prefer itinerary 1. Maybe the support vehicle could be used between km 62 to 72. Couldn’t imagine cycling on the north coast in summer?!? Leah don’t forget dengue fever and the plague

  7. Leah says:

    Route 4 crosses the Border Ranges so there will be hills. This is either a pro or it is a con. Or it is both. Depending on our levels of typhus/cholera/malaria/yellow fever/Hep A and B/tetanus/bilharzia induced depletion. We may be telling more than our legs to shut up.

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