Due Preparations for the Ride

So many hills to climb, so little time.

Now being only 10 weeks out from the xmasepic2010, it is time to get on the bike.

Or for some of you, its time to actually get a bike.

The North Coast Retro Roadie Road Trip, or – Schoolies for Oldies….

What should you expect? Ask someone who has been before. They will tell you

  • the waking at night screaming with cramp,
  • the crotch torment,
  • the ignominy of early withdrawal,
  • all of which is avoidable, with just a little training.

    A quick 8 week program is given here by Cycle Queensland. Although we are only attempting a more modest 56 km/day, the hills will require some minimal preparation. For those of you intending to “wing it” and “ride themselves in on the day”, you will suffer.

    Be prepared to double your calorie intake with the usual prodigious packing away of pasta, fruit buns, sausage rolls and the north coast equivalent of cheese kranskies.

    Be prepared for the festive camp-fire atmosphere where participants will be encouraged to perform acts, lewd and otherwise.

    Be prepared for the attentions of the adoring public:

    Be prepared to invest in some quality corset ware:

    But note, we are putting a blanket ban on motorised bikes made by ducati:

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    3 Responses to Due Preparations for the Ride

    1. Jonathon Riley says:

      Chris, I hope your electric motor is not one of those ducati things

    2. Christos says:

      Sorry to read the blanket ban on motorised bikes. My trike has pedal assist with a 200watt hub motor. This excludes me from the trip I’m afraid. It is a pity because I was looking forward to the trip – oh well.

      • Mark says:

        A pedal assist! Excellent, how Euro. I’ve made the ban more specific (ie ducatis). Do you have a solar panel? NSW has the lucrative 60c /kW buy-back scheme. It should also help us in our carbon balance if we could use your batteries to charge mobiles & mp3 players…

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