day 2: Boonah – Rathdowney

The fog of cycle touring

12th Jan 11; 1:15pm(dep)/4:30pm(arr)
39.1 km (dist); 2h 13m (saddle);
17.5 kph (av); 50 kph (max);
100.9 km (tot)

“During the morning it rained persistently; and we were glad to see more water coming to us, and so comfortable in the tents at Semna that we delayed our start till the sun shone again in the early afternoon. Then we rode westward down the valley in the fresh light.” 7POW;ch25

In the morning the rain eased, along with the Vodafone reception. With the beautiful view of the up-and-coming border ranges, there were worse places to be stuck. In particular the catastrophe unfolding in Brisbane.

The cottage is off the grid, self-sufficient with its own solar power.

However, a quick drive around shows that the bridges are in fact all intact. The roads now open as far as Rathdowney. The police there tell us that our planned route, Lions Rd, is closed; as is the alternative Mt Lindsey Hwy. However, we have the opportunity to move our stuckness forward. We book in at the Rathdowney pub rather than camp along The Lions Rd.

We head off after lunch.

The riding is great, there is no traffic.

Past happy horses.

The humidity rises, but we reach Rathdowney and rehydrate.

Steak sandwiches, XXXX beer, a jukebox and an early night. Dawn start tomorrow as we have extra kms and hills as we bet on the longer Mt Lindsay Hwy route openning before the Lions Road.

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