day 4: Lions Road – Lismore

getting into the groove

14th Jan 11; 6:45am(dep)/1:30pm(arr)
71.5 km (dist); 3h 31m (saddle);
20.2 kph (av); 54 kph (max);
254.4 km (tot)
They would ride immense distances day after day, run through sand and over rocks bare-foot in the heat for hours without pain, and climb their hills like goats. Their clothing was mainly a loose shirt, with sometimes short cotton drawers, and a head-shawl usually of red cloth, which acted towel or handkerchief or sack as required. They were corrugated with bandoliers, and fired joy-shots when they could.” 7POW; ch15

We confirm the 4:20am Sydney – Brisbane train on the main line was on time. Brisbane must still exist in some form.

We ride out of the Lions Rd, across the Richmond river. Lots of swept grass along the banks. Below a study of wood, water and carbon fibre; known since Greek times as the three natural elements from which all else springs:

Another days pleasant riding on quiet roads:

….past impossibly green countryside:

…its just gets greener:

Mitchell powers along towards Lismore like an electronically deprived adolescent, knowing that each pedal brings him closer to the Brisbane bus from Lismore that will allow him to keep a Mario Brothers Mega Marathon appointment.

Over the swollen Wilson River into Lismore:

Lismore is full of memorable memorials too numerous to ennumerate. Here’s just one:

Half of us pitch tents on a rescue helicopter landing field and we can also confirm that the 2am night-time rescue went ahead without a hitch.

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  1. Wendy Riley aka yr mother says:

    So true!!

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