day 5: Lismore – Byron

coffee and the coast: Byron Bay

15th Jan 11; 7:30am(dep)/1:00pm(arr)
51.8 km (dist); 3h 04m (saddle);
16.9 kph (av); 59 kph (max);
306.2 km (tot)
To-day we rode for hours while the perspectives grew greater and more magnificent in ordered design, till a gap in the cliff-face opened on our right to a new wonder. The walls were precipices, like all the walls of Rumm; but appeared greater, for the pit lay in the very heart of a ruling hill, and its smallness made the besetting heights seem overpowering.” ch62

Down to 6 riders, Mitchells bike goes on the back of the car.

Scott’s foray into a Lismore bike shop has rewarded us with the ultimate north coast roadie route taking in verdant rolling hills:

coffee plantations:

Unfortunate road-kill: a beautiful carpet python. Not sure if they are snake eggs or eggs the snake ate.

Following the coastal escarpment:

Countryside that has clearly inspired the microsoft desktop:

Past VRPH (very rich people’s houses); this one with a magnificent view of the ocean and a Buddah buried up to the neck in the garden.

2nd breakfast at Newrybar where a respectful “Old is beautiful” shop…

…is in direct competition with “Dead people’s stuff”:

A fast run into Byron:

Dinner at a suitably trendy resteraunt:

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  1. Beck says:

    Where can I get my free Julian Assange?

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