day 7: Wooyung – Robina

A quick lesson in strip urbanisation

17th Jan 11; 6:50am(dep)/11:30amQLD(arr)
68.3 km (dist); 3h 20m (saddle);
20.4 kph (av); 45 kph (max);
421.9 km (tot)
In the morning we rode at five. The track became a bad goat-path, zigzagging up a hill-side too precipitous to climb except on all fours. We had to re-pack the food and explosives; and, in spite of all our care, lost two of our feeble camels in the pass. They were at once cut up and shared out as meat.” 7POW; pg225

Wooyung is a bush camp behind the beach. A few short kilometers north start the new developments of Stradbroke style of holiday architecture; followed by older style holiday houses; then intensive coastal development; classic Gold Coast canalisation and finally kilometer high residential towers.

But let’s enjoy the morning…

Sea eagle:

The break at Kingscliff:

A slightly nonchronological review of the faces.

Steve cruising along the Tweed:

Ian finds a friend:

Mitchell finds the border:

James about to demonstate the McEwen wheelie:

Directeur Sportif Wendy giving Mitchell directions:

Leah and Scott ford a stream:

All this and more:

Time to catch the train back to normal life and face not being epic for a year.

“…and wearied his head with meditation, but was intelligent and interesting in talk. He wore his black hair in plaits down each side of his face, and kept it glossy with butter, and strong by frequent washings in camel urine. He encouraged nits, in deference to the Beduin proverb that a deserted head showed an ungenerous mind.” 7POW; pg205

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