A very big thank you to our driver Wendy who took on a huge job with panache and élan. Chapeau!

Over for another year:

One such wave … rolled before the breath of an idea, till it reached its crest, and toppled over and fell at Damascus. The wash of that wave, thrown back by the resistance of vested things, will provide the matter of the following wave, when in fullness of time the sea shall be raised once more.” 7POW;ch3

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3 Responses to Aftermath

  1. Steve says:

    It was the best of times……..Superbly organised, thanks Mark.

  2. Wendy Riley aka yr mother says:

    Believe me it was a great pleasure! You are all such a jolly nice lot! Everybody helped.
    Many thanks due to you Mark for being such a brilliant organiser, planning the route and booking the accommodation and then making sure we achieved it all in the face of very wet odds(! ) ….and then writing it all up complete with stats!!
    Another thankyou…. to Mal!! It would not have been fun packing tents luggage food papers into my car! Au revoir until next year!!

    • Mark says:

      Don’t try and deflect the compliments. I’m sure everyone agrees that basically you were doing the work and we were having fun. You should negotiate a better deal next year!

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