Latest update: 29/9/10
First of all… timing; Leah & I will be “out of Africa” on 09/01/11, so we can catch up with the XmasEpic2010 (from the 10th Jan onwards). So wherever everyone decides to go, and if you are still travelling, we will join you then.

Alternatively, if you have already finished XmasEpic2010, we can go on a JanEpic2011 sometime between 10-22th Jan 2011.

I’ve had a (very) few suggestions:
1. Snowy Mountains Hwy (Tumut-Tathra Dist: 319 km, Duration: ~6-8 days(?))
Pros: Epic. Pretty. Can leave from Canberra base.
Cons: Epic. Hills are very big. Campgrounds are widely spaced for the distances we’ll be doing. Hot. March flies. (Note in the elevation profile below, the vertical scale is in kilometers.)

2. Perth-Albany (Dist: 680 km, Duration: ~ 10 days)
Pros: Epic. Pretty. Wildflowers. Could do a bit of the Munda Bindi Trail if we stoop to fat-tyre bikes.
Cons: Logistics. Travel. Cost. Not enough time to do it justice.

2. Alternative: Perth-Albany-Perth (PAP 2010: Dist: 1200 km, Duration<90 hr time limit)
Pros: Very Epic. Run by Audax Australia.
Cons: Starts 5:00am Tues 5th Oct, 2010. (Pity about the early morning start, otherwise I think this would have been the one.)

3. Dar es Salaam-Killmanjaro (Dist: ~730 km, Duration:~14 days)
Pros: Very Epic.
Cons: Altitude; last hill is a big one. Tsetse flies.

4. Nth Coast NSW (Dist: 400 km, Duration: 7 days)
Pros: Epic. Green. Possible to be on all quiet roads with trains in/out of Brisbane.
Beaches. Trendy coffee shops & retreats for healing and crystals.
Cons: Steamy. Hippies.

Perhaps we could get the ball rolling with people sending in their times of availability and route preference (feel free to suggest other alternatives). I will add them to the table below. Of course, this totally disregards things like what to do with pets/children but we have to start somewhere.

Participant Availability Preference
Canis Lupus whenever where ever
Leah 10-22 Jan 2011 4
Mark 10-22 Jan 2011 4

5 Responses to itinerary

  1. Jonathon Riley says:

    I’m a little confused about this xmas epic. Is it real? Or does it exist only as a fantasy? My understanding was that the principle author of this blog and his family were going to be traveling through a god-forsaken 3rd world cesspool for the entire month of December 2010. Does this mean Xmas Epic 2010 will take place in Jan 2011?

    • Mark says:

      Dang, you’ve called me out! Well, I haven’t had too many itinerary suggestions so far, so I was thinking….
      Dar es Salaam -> Kilimanjaro
      Dist: ~730 km Duration: ~14 days
      Pros: Epic
      Cons: Altitude sickness.
      Last hill is a big one.
      Tsetse flies.
      But, I’ll put up some alternative “postXmas”Epics soon to get the ball rolling.

  2. James says:

    I think salmoning would be a suitable challenge for GVBR2010 … entirely uneventful right up until the splat …

  3. Malcolm says:

    Idea no 3: The Great Victoria Bike Ride in 2010 is from Yarrawonga to Marysville. How epic would it be to ride upstream? Start each day where the 5000 end their day, and ride to where they start each day …

    • Mark says:

      Salmon the GVBR2010? Intriguing. But each day? How would we get to the (our) start (their finish) each day? We’d have to have the support vehicle to leap-frog us ahead (or back depending on your point of view) each day.

      A related aside: James is going to salmon the City to Surf next week. Now thats a real challenge, imagine going against that flow.

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