Last minute admonishments and exhortations – looking for that perfect taper

So here we are again, at the pointy end of the year and destiny* beckons. As you tuck into the Xmas pudding and nurse your NYE head, your thoughts will naturally be drawn to the XmasEpic.
“Have I put enough k’s into the legs this year?” Well, only you know the answer to that one. However, rest assured that there will still some residual Jens Factor from last year’s epic and so let’s just concentrate on the perfect taper…
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Accommodation finalised!

After the extensive feedback, I have now finalised the accommodation with the optimism shared only by rugby players believing that their buttocks will never have to endure public exposure. The only major change is a different Byron Bay CP as the one given previously was booked out on that date.
The total accommodation cost for the trip will be of the order $100 $120 each, so, like last year, we should be able to afford decent coffee.
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Due Preparations for the Ride

So many hills to climb, so little time.

Now being only 10 weeks out from the xmasepic2010, it is time to get on the bike.

Or for some of you, its time to actually get a bike.

The North Coast Retro Roadie Road Trip, or – Schoolies for Oldies….

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Itinerary II

Well it was close, very close, too close to call; but after two weeks the votes have finally been counted. The nation can move on.

Feeling like an independent after 2 weeks of intense lobbying, I can now announce that the winner of the XmasEpic host destination for 2010 is ….

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The Handpresso

The XmasEpic Collective faces difficult choices in the near future, and none have such far-reaching repercussions than those that lead to the possibility of caffeine withdrawal.
I am happy to announce that a special bike pump espresso machine has been commissioned for the XmasEpic: the handpresso.
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Itinerary Post

(Voting now closed)

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The UCI Worlds and Mlle Jeannie Longo

We are about to witness a bicycle smorgasbord at the UCI World Championships in Geelong this week.

The World Championship course covers part of stage 1 of the 2009 XmasEpic, so many of you will already be familiar with the Epic nature of the course.

Let’s have a look at the Oz teams:

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The Mystique that is Assos

Riding a bicycle can often leave one with regrets and none is felt more keenly than realizing that you have returned from Switzerland without visiting the Assos headquarters.

Luckily, Zack Vestal from Velonews has recently visited Assos’s new clothing concept showroom and prototype factory on the behalf of the XmasEpic.

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The Tour of Britain

I’m not saying that the English are nationalistic, but I have seen more footage of spitfires and Coventry burning in the Blitz than I have seen in rest of my life put together.

For those of you that are sadly not totally bike obsessed, you may not realise that the Tour of Britain started on Saturday (Sept.11). This is UCI 2.1 event, (or you may find it easier to visualise it as Tantalum in the Periodic Table of Professional Cycling).

Unfortunately the caravan does not pass through, or anywhere near, Kenilworth. I am forced to enact my own Tour of Britain…..
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Kenilworth village life: the daily commute

The correct response at breakfast on the B&B circuit is: “I’ll have the full English, please.”

This will elicit the following: “And would you be wanting the… (at this point the voice is lowered to a whisper) …’extras’ with that?”

On no account should you agree, as this sort of encouragement results in various offerings of offal.

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