team Xmas Epic

Since being sanctioned as a UCI elite event, the euro-pro cyclists have been clamouring for a Xmas Epic invitation. Only a select few are choosen to represent team XE. Just some of our rider profiles are given below:

Louis “Bobet” Reed

Since recently leaving the MMM group, Lou has embraced the Epic ethos, having heard to utter:
“The misrepresentation makes possible the appearance of the progenitor” and “ride, Sally, ride”.
We are anticipating big things from Mr Reed in the Epic 2010. LA is as yet unconfirmed.

Arnold “Walnuts” Schwarzenegger

Arnie is a champion of “steel is real” and as such has a special position in the XE peloton.
Here he is seen sporting a heroic head tube, down-tube shifters and leather toe-straps. All class. XE2010? “I’ll be back”.

Alexander “homologous” Vinokourov

First in Liège–Bastogne–Liège in 2010, Vino is “the man” and is Kazakhstan’s second favourite son. Granted dispensation from Astana to appear in XE2010, Vino says: “I am happy with my performance, I am finding my legs again, I drink Sherpa blood”.